“RASKO” - Leading producer of glassware in Russia.

РАСКО - стекольная компания Company’s overview
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“RASKO” - Company of strong traditions and new opportunities:

  • Consistently high quality of production
  • Advanced technologies utilization and continuous production improvement
  • Competitive price of glassware
  • Production expansion and portfolio diversification
  • Responsibility to partners and society
  • Environmental liability

Glass Company “RASKO” has a centuries-long history. It was in 1814, when Company’s parent plant Anopino Glass Plant was found.

“RASKO” Glass Company was established in July 1998 in association with American partners on the basis of Anopino Glass Plant (Vladimir region). Launching of a new glasswork, equipped in line with modern European production facilities, made “RASKO” one of the biggest glass production facilities in Russia in terms of technique.

Total production capacity of “RASKO” Glass Company is 1 000 mln. of glass bottles per year.

LLC “RASKO” manufactured articles are glass containers of all major colors:
- Flint bottle
- Brown bottle
- Green bottle

The form of glass bottles can be both standard and exclusive. Production capabilities make it possible to switch to production of articles of different colors and shapes.
Company’s product mix: glass containers ranging from 0, 2 to 2 liter of any shape, which can only be made by modern sectional machines, supplied by admitted companies SkloStroj (Czech Republic) and GPS (Germany). Employed in production blow-blow and press-blow methods enable to form not only standard, but also lightweight bottles and glass jars of various designs.

LLC “RASKO” received ISO certification from an International certification company Det Norske Veritas in 2004 and was over certified in 2008.

Food safety system of the company was successfully tested and certified on February 12, 2013 by the world-known organization Det Norske Veritas (Norway). That means that production facilities of company "RASKO" - the parent enterprise (Anopino plant) and branch (Voronezh glass plant) - meet the standard ISO 22000:2005.

High level of Quality Management System organization has helped “RASKO” to become a supplier of such world leaders in glass industry, as SUBMiller, AB InBev – beer, “Kristall”, “Rospischesnab” – spirit beverages, “ Mozhaiskoe moloko” – dairy products.

Complying with all Quality Management System requirements has enabled to perform “Company’s mission” on regular basis – to be one of the leaders in Russian glass industry and to serve consumers with products of high quality and at competitive price

High production quality of LLC “RASKO” was recognized at national marketplaces, as well as on international fairs, as evidenced by numerous certificates and ranks.

“RASKO” glass company’s structure:

In terms of Company’s corporate values, “RASKO” drives to result, orientation on customer demands, quality, competence, creativity, responsibility and discipline, mutual respect and cooperation. Management of the company works in accordance with these values, trying to establish them among employees.